Long Distance Press is a collaborative artist publishing project established in 2013 by Thomas Whittle and Adam Shield. LDP curate exhibitions, publish zines and artists books that look at drawing, photography and image making.

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Long Distance Press

Priestman Gallery

12th November until 10th December 2021

BLAST BEAT is an exhibition by Adam Shield and Thomas Whittle including work made both together and separately as part of their collaborative project Long Distance Press. BLAST BEAT refers to a vigorous drum fill often used by hardcore drummers adding intensity and a wall of sound to their music. Shield and Whittle employ similar energy and noise through their collaborative works, embracing layering, overlapping and distortion of their visual matter. The exhibition takes place within the Self-Publishing Lab at the University of Sunderland where new work was produced matching the high tempo of the double-drum Risograph machine. BLAST BEAT expands and reverberates the double page spread onto the walls of the gallery.

Space is a Feeling

Long Distance Press are pleased to announce a new solo exhibition and publication from Thomas Whittle. ‘Space is a Feeling’ which brings together newly painted explorations from the past 18 months. The exhibition runs from 9.7.21 until 18.7.21 at Ltd Ink Corporation, Edinburgh. Details of the exhibition can be found here.

Alongside the show LDP have published Space is a Feeling, a 20 page, black and white zine of paintings and drawings. Details and further images of the publication are here.

Dark Silo

LDP are pleased to present a new publication from Adam Shield and Richie Moment, Dark Silo. The publication includes documentation of their recent exhibition, Dark Silo at Thames Side Studio Gallery, alongside a text by George Vasey, poems and images by Declan Jenkins, a text by Vanessa Murrell, and photography by Martin Mayorga. Further details and images of the publication can be found here.